We love customer surveys!

They’re robust, clear, focussed on telling the business what it needs to fix, and how.

We have to admit, though, that all that value can sometimes get lost in translation. There are times when clear communication is more important than statistical rigour or including every piece of data.

Storytelling is the answer for:

 - Internal comms that will drive cultural or behavioural change. Customer Journey Posters or Customer Videos can embed empathy and deliver change that a slide deck never will.

 - Board reporting that will engage senior people with a single clear vision for a strategy built on customers. Animated videos and infographic approaches, or the use of customer dashboards all help to make the story clear.

 - Customer communication that captures attention and communicates your intent, building trust. Infographic reporting and video case studies give a clear picture of your plans, and showcase customers who love what you do.

Customer Journey Examples


Taking an end-to-end view of the customer experience is a powerful way to help people see things from the customer’s point of view. Customer...



Customer insight has always been fascinating, but traditional research reports have often been dry and unengaging. You need to present the key...

Customer Dashboards

Customer Dashboards

You may want to get into the detail of your customer survey, but the chances are your colleagues are less interested in the nuts and bolts....

Voice of the Customer Films

Voice of the Customer Films

Film is often more engaging than static presentations or reports, and is increasingly forming the backbone of internal communications. Nothing beats...

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